Episode 1: Strong Immunity

A strong Immune System is your best health defense. It’s the body’s natural process of moving toward and maintaining optimal health.  Having a strong Immune System will help you achieve optimal health. Come learn how to improve and maintain yours.

Episode 2: Passive Health

How does it impact you when you’re passive with your health?  You can seize the day and become Pro-Active with your health by taking a new level of responsibility for feeling as good as you can.  And you can learn to experience better health outcomes.  Listen to this show and begin the journey with becoming Healthy Pro-Active.

Episode 3: Manual Muscle Testing

Your body has tremendous intelligence.  There is a way to communicate directly with your body by using a scientifically validated mechanism that links your Nervous System to a Muscular Response.  Manual Muscle Testing is a tool for accessing and uncovering your health issues.  And once discovered, you can begin to use care specific to what your body is asking for versus managing your symptoms with medication.

Episode 4: Immune System

The end of Summer is the time to focus on the health of your Immune System. As we live through a pandemic and the cold and flu season, a strong Immune System is your best defense. You can strengthen yours naturally. Come learn how to raise your Immune health to its highest level.

Episode 5: Interview Your Doctor

Your Doctors work for you. You pay for them to help you maintain your health. Wouldn’t it be good to know, before hiring them, if they have your best health in mind and not what they can get paid for by your insurance company?

Episode 6: Holistic Health

What is holistic health? How is it different from what goes on in the healthcare system? If you want off the treadmill of treatment, listen to this important conversation.

Episode 7: Healthcare Versus Sick Care

There is a distinct difference between healthcare, which means being proactive in taking care of your health and well-being, versus sickness care, which is more about managing your sickness and never experiencing health.  If you are currently being “treated” with medication and have no idea when your medication will stop and your health will be restored, listen to this show and I will help you understand how to restore your health.

Episode 8: Health History

A complete history of your health includes the physical, mental and emotional aspects of who you are currently.  Things from your past that you may not consider important to your current state of health may actually hold the key to restoring your health.  Come learn why your Health History is vital for your future health.

Episode 9: Healing State of Mind

Being present for your life and being able to think clearly and problem-solve efficiently is vital to your health.  When we have trap doors in our unconscious, we can continue to make poor choices that impact our health and our happiness. Come learn how an effective technique called Neuro Emotional Technique can help you clean out the garbage in your mind—and affect your choices for the better.

Episode 10: Different Approach to Health

Health should be a basic human right and yet, healthcare focuses more on managing illness that on teaching the basics of having ideal health.  Alternative Health practitioners will help you to your best health without necessarily relying on medications.  Come take a journey with me and learn how to start that journey healthfully.

Episode 11: Gratitude

Thanksgiving, the name for the American holiday for expressing gratitude, will improve your health in ways you may not expect.  There’s so much good that will come to you when you start to express your thanks for everything in your life.  And it begins with the attitude of gratitude.

Episode 12: Dr. Why

One of our most requested shows is back.  Listen to a whole new episode of “Ask Doctor Why” to find out more of what you need to know regarding the underlying reasons for your health concerns.  Failure to address the “Why” can keep you from ever being able to restore your health.

Episode 13: Seven Pillars Happy

Welcome to the best years of your life by learning how you can attune yourself to your best health ever by applying the principles of the Seven Pillars of Health.  Learn all Seven, and begin with the one that seems easiest to apply.  Add the second, the third, and so on, until you have integrated all Seven Pillars.  Attend to all seven and live your life in a balanced and harmonious way.

Episode 14: Knowing Healthcare

There is much you can learn about your health and your personal healthcare.  The more informed you are the better decisions you can make for your health.  Come begin the journey we all are entitled to make: The journey to ideal health.

Episode 15: Healthy Child

From before the moment of conception, through all the years growing up, there are basic things you can do for your child to ensure his or her best possible health. And it starts with your own health before your child is conceived. Come learn what you can do to set your child up for a lifetime of good health.

Episode 16: Seven Pillars of Health

Welcome in the best years of your life by learning how you can attune yourself to your best health ever. More than managing diseases or preventing illness, there are seven key aspects of who you are. From your body to your emotions, from toxicity to allergies, the seven aspects give you a complete perspective on your state of health.

Episode 17: Breathing

Breath is life. It’s the most vital requirement you have for your health. Yet, millions of people are not breathing in a way to promote well being. It’s free and it’s easy. Do yourself a favor and breathe better.

Episode 18: Passive Health  

More and more you are being demanded to relinquish your authority over your health. When you give over that authority, you become a passive participant in the decisions for your future. Get some more information about your choices. Empower yourself to take back control.

Episode 19: Death and Dying    

As the leaves shed from the trees and winter approaches, we may turn to reflect on our mortality. Especially during the time of the pandemic, many of us are experiencing the sudden loss of life of a loved one. Many of us feel fear about the inevitable approach of our own death. This difficult subject deserves to be faced openly.

Episode 20: What’s Wrong with Healthcare?      

What’s wrong with our healthcare? Why are we spending all our resources treating sicknesses instead of staying healthy? What do we need to do to have our birthright of good health protected? There is a better way.

Episode 21: Interview Your Doctor

Did you know that you can ask your doctor the questions you would like to know about your health and your health outcomes? Interviewing your doctor to find out your best options. You will be best served by getting the full picture.

Episode 22: Pain Management

Pain management is a major source of health problems. The symptoms that cause suffering are important to address in ways that support your health. Finding and treating the cause of pain will help prevent you from developing a dependency on medications—many of which can lead to other problems.

Episode 23: Dr. Why

One of our most requested shows is back. Listen to a whole new episode of Ask Doctor Why to find out more about what you need to know causes health problems.

Episode 24: Where’s the Care

Healthcare today has changed. Most of what is happening for any chronic conditions is maintenance programs of lifetime medications. This is not necessarily the only way to treat a person. There are natural solutions that may be your best option.

Episode 25: Manual Muscle Testing-Part-2

For over half a century, Manual Muscle Testing has been the go-to method for identifying health challenges long before they become symptomatic. It is a way of letting your body communicate with a healthcare provider and put you on a road to health, naturally.

Episode 26: A Different Approach to Healthcare

When you think about it, healthcare is different than sickness care. Yet most of what is expected when going to the doctor is dealing with a health related problem. Taking a different approach to your health could help you recover your health or keep you from getting sick in the first place.

Episode 27: Healthcare Options

Is sickness care really the same thing as healthcare? You have choices. Be proactive and preserve your health. Take responsibility. It’s the best option you’ll ever have.

Episode 28: Medicine vs Natural Healthcare

Medicine is based on extracting certain naturally occurring elements and condensing them in to pill or liquid form. Often the medications have been stripped of other elements that can help balance your health. Side effects are an indication that something about the medicine isn’t working well for your body. You can seek out other remedies that don’t have some of the negative consequences.

Episode 29: Thyroid

Your endocrine system is responsible for all the systematic functions your body does to be healthy and alive. The thyroid gland is located in your throat. It plays a major role in your metabolism. Many people who feel cold much of the time have an imbalance in their thyroid. There are some basic ways you can improve the health of your thyroid.

Episode 30: Back To School

It’s time to come out of the year-long lockdown due to COVID 19 and have kids return to school and learning. There is much to know about child development. Learn some of the basics of what children need to be healthy and get them back into the swing of life. There’s so much you can do naturally.

Episode 31: Addiction

Drugs, alcohol and sweets have a grip on the public. Many health problems both personal and social come from addictive behavior. To recover from the challenges of addiction requires finding the source of the problem. There are ways to recover safely, naturally.

Episode 32: Passive Healthcare

We’ve been taught to turn authority for our health over to professionals. We need to take back control and work with our healthcare providers as advisors and helpers as we make our health our primary concern. Responsibility and freedom can be ours when we take ownership of our health decisions.

Episode 33: What Does Your History Have to Do with It?

Much can be learned from your personal health history. It’s made of more than just the past of your physical health. Health involves every dimension of your life. It includes your social life, work life, and your emotional and spiritual life. Surprise yourself with how much shows up in the answers you give.

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