Episode 1: Low Fat Diet

We are the fattest nation in the world, and yet so much in the media makes fat the enemy.  Fat is not the enemy.  There are healthy fats and unhealthy fats.  You need to know the difference!  And when it comes to those “Low Fat Diets,” you may be leading yourself onto the path of gaining weight.  Come learn why.

Episode 2: Spring Detoxification

Many people put up with a low-grade feeling of ill health.  This is unacceptable!  One of the BEST solutions to bringing you back to feeling good is to do a total cleanse of your body inside and out.  The Doctor-Supervised Detoxification Program is an effective way to treat yourself to a healthy restart.  In this 23-day program you will eat plenty of healthy food and follow simple daily instructions to lead you back to restoring your health.

Episode 3: Digestive Disruptors

Continuing the conversation on getting value from what you eat, you need to understand what interferes with or disrupts our ability to properly digest and assimilate the food you eat and how that impacts your health.

Episode 4:  Dr. Supervised Fall Clean-Up.

As the leaves come down for the trees’ winter break, it’s the perfect time to participate in the 9-day Doctor-Supervised Fall Clean-Up Program.  In just 9 days, you can prepare yourself for the best healthy outcomes before the holiday season and get in great shape to enjoy the year-end festivities.

Episode 5: Sugar Show

The number one instigator of today’s long-term, chronic health concerns can be traced back to the amount of sugar being consumed—and it’s not just candy, cookies and table sugar.  Come on a fantastic journey and learn all the ways that our current food industry and dietary choices based solely on taste are killing us all.

Episode 6: Water

Do you know that most of what you need in order to be healthy are the basic things you do every day. Simply drinking enough good quality water can help you be healthy.

Episode 7: Toxic Living

Doc Rick discusses the toxicity we all confront in the modern world and how to detoxify naturally. In part two, he discusses natural whole food supplements that can provide nutritional benefits.

Episode 8: Water Show

Water is life. You need water to be healthy. Not all water is equal. Learn about the different types of water you can drink. Choose the best type for your health.

Episode 9: 12 Supplements

Food is the best medicine. There are twelve whole-food based supplements that can be part of your healthy living.

Episode 10: You Are What You Eat

If you are what you eat and you want to be healthy, shouldn’t you be eating a healthy diet. Real food, nutrient rich food is the key to better health.

Episode 11: Detoxification

Each Spring is the time to clean out your body’s natural filters. Over time they may get clogged from processed foods, pollutants and other environmental elements. This Doctor Supervised program is easy and one of the best things you can do for your health.

Episode 12: Healthy Eating

Food is nature’s best medicine. You can eat your way to better health and overcome the starvation dilemma that is leading to the rise of obesity. The health of today’s food can be augmented naturally.

Episode 13: Eating Real Food

Food is the first and best medicine. Every health condition has a direct relation to the food you ingest. Today it’s gotten harder to eat well. With the proliferation of diabetes, heart conditions and auto-immune disease, we’ve grown accustomed to taking lots of medications to manage the chronic situations. Many problems can be avoided or turned around with proper nutrition.

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